Clearance for charter flight

Chartered Flights Revised Process
(implemented from June 25)

In case of charter flights from Sri Lanka to India carrying sea farers and stranded Indian nationals, the revised procedure is as follows :-

1. Chartering entity identifies an Air Transport Operator (ATO) andprovides details of passengers, destination and manifest.

2. ATO contacts State Government directly; shares a copy of theproposal and passenger manifest with State Government (destinationState) and the High Commission of India, Colombo;

3. HCI Colombo will verify the passenger list, gives the no-objectionto ATO.

4. With State’s written clearance for the flight and Mission’s no-objection on the manifest, ATO contacts DGCA for flight clearance.

5. Prior to the actual departure of the flight, ATO sends theIndian Mission, and State Governments the final manifest.

The passenger manifest may be sent to for HCI Colombo's NOC.

In the case of seafarers, please note that approval of DirectorateGeneral (DG) of Shipping, which is also required, may be obtainedseparately by applying directly to DG, Shipping.

Proforma for State Clearances

Covid Data Input Standard Template